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Monthly Archives: October 2021


Bari Keto Details

I had had it!  You know the feeling. Pants too tight to breathe, refusing to go up a size, feeling awful, discouraged, and disappointed. But what to do about it. Last spring, I found myself at 168 pounds – knowing I had to do something, but what?

My life’s work has been spent researching the details of long term success for bariatric patients. I am a patient myself from 1995. I lost 125 pounds, but my weight has fluctuated up and down through the years and the battle with the disease of obesity continues. At my wits end, I knew that I had to tell myself the truth about my habits aligned with what I know about The Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients.  The picture was clear. Several were out of whack – some easily restored like drinking more water – being more consistent with my vitamins and exercise.  My eating however was out of control, and I was not making myself accountable.  So…what to do?

I came to this point in time knowing several things about myself.

1. For permanent change, I had to engage my mind in a big way. I had to read, learn, study, listen to podcasts, watch videos and keep my head in the game. I had to keep myself motivated and my thoughts focused on my weight and health goals.

2. I already knew what my metabolic rate – (trial and error and had it tested years ago) 1147 calories; that’s it!

3. I knew carbs were my greatest challenge. And most importantly,

4. I knew I had to log and track my progress.

I had good success with our Back on Track Program (6 weeks including 2 weeks of Ketosis) but wanted to learn, understand and do more. I started researching Keto Diets and wow; I had no idea! there is so much research, information, food, recipes, articles, and groups. The more I learned, the more interested in it I was. So – I began.

  1. Tracking – Though there are several ways to track and record I have found that for me, MyFitnessPal has been awesome. I learned to track, not just calories but macronutrients. Through the months, I adjusted with percentages and found my sweet spot. Yours will be different, so I will share with you the ranges I use. Calories – 1,000 to 1,200. Carbs 30 to 50 grams, Fat 85 to 115 grams and Protein 90 – 120 grams.
  1. After a few days, I did experience what they call the Keto Flu. I was happy about it honestly, because I could feel my body changing from burning carbs to using fat for fuel. Awesome! And the weight started to come off – quickly.
  1. I started stocking up on foods I love like shrimp, avocado, zucchini, seeds, and nuts. I tried many different recipes using alternative flours and sweeteners, but I found some keepers, but I have learned that for me, I would rather do without than have keto bread, pudding, ice cream or honestly, low carb anything.
  1. Knowing that game is staying in ketosis by keeping my insulin levels low – I started measuring my glucose and ketone levels with a Keto-Mojo Meter. I homed in on exactly how and when my insulin rises and falls. What foods effect it, what exercise does to it.

After about 4 months – and a weight loss of 18 pounds, I deliberately went off of keto. And I felt it. My weight loss stalled for a bit – but then….I learned how to keep my insulin levels down and my body in ketosis with Intermittent Fasting!! I have continued to lose weight, my energy levels are up, my mind is clear and I can’t imagine ever going back to eating all the time.

Stick with me for more details on my experience with Intermittent Fasting.

Download handout here: BariKeto?

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The #1 Thing I Learned to Lose 28 Pounds

If you are ready to fix your broken metabolism, teach your body to burn fat, increase your energy and lose those stubborn pounds read on! Here I will share with you the #1 lesson I have learned about controlling the way my body burns energy.

Old thinking about how to treat the disease of obesity has simply not worked! The counsel to eat less exercise more, and that a calorie is a calorie and fat is bad has proven, in this day and age to completely miss the mark. Weight management is not about controlling calories – it’s about controlling INSULIN!  

And now I get it – I’ve spent months learning, experimenting and wow! Now I know what to do, I am in control, and my body has relearned how to burn fat – not just food! Below you will find a list of some of the people I recommend you follow and learn from. You’ll find scientific research, links to YouTube Channels, articles, and books. I invite you to learn more from these thought leaders in metabolic medicine and weight loss. But first, here are a few highlights from what I have recently learned

  1. Insulin is a hormone its job is to store energy. Whenever we eat – anything – whether it be a carrot or a cookie – insulin goes Some foods of course, cause insulin levels to rise more than other foods, but eating at all activates insulin. And remember insulin’s job is take the nutrients from the food we have eaten and store them in our cells. When that job is done – insulin production stops. Think for a minute what happens if you eat all day? Even small meals, or a quick snack now and then? Eating at all keeps your insulin levels up and energy being stored.
  2. When we stop eating for 6 – 12 hours insulin levels decrease – something awesome happens. Once the body is out of the stored glucose from what we have eaten, (glycogen) – the body triggers another hormone called glucagon Glucagon’s job is the exact opposite of insulin; Insulin stores – Glucagon burns. When insulin is up glucagon is down – when insulin falls glucagon goes to work.
  3. After 12 – 24 hours of not eating – Even more miraculous things happen in our bodies. Glucagon directs the liver to produce ketones which allows fat stores to be burned for energy. Inflammation and oxidative stress throughout the body decrease and something called Autophagy begins. Autophagy is our body’s way of cleaning up and removing old cells & debris.

As I have learned and come to understand for myself that for me “it’s all about insulin” I have found several different ways to control my insulin levels – allowing my body to work properly. I have lost 28 pounds and feel awesome!  I have experimented with several new habits that I will share with you in my upcoming videos. Stay tuned for more on my low carb and keto dieting experiences, how I have learned to track not calories but macronutrient, how I test and monitor my blood glucose, and the power I have found in Intermittent Fasting.

Download Handout Its About Insulin

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Bariatric Regain GONE!

Twenty six years as a weight loss surgery patient and this year as been one like no other!

I have learned some fascinating things, adopted a few new habits and have lost 28 pounds! And I feel fantastic! I can’t wait to share some insights and details.

As you may know, my book, The Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients continues to be the # 1 bariatric best seller, and a must have basic for all weight loss surgery patients. This book is research based, surgeon recommended, and contains essential truths for anyone and everyone embarking on their surgical weight loss journey. If you don’t have one, Get your copy at the link.

I will share here an overview of my upcoming articles & videos designed to help you implement not only the basics but the success habits 2.0 principles.

My decision to have weight loss surgery nearly 26 years ago was one of the best decisions of my life. It provided me with a break in time to get control, engage an effective tool and lose 125 pounds. I am always and forever grateful for that decision and the opportunity I have had to work within the bariatric community all these years.

In 26 years, my weight has fluctuated up and down; I’ve been on track and off and on again. I have continued to read, study, experiment and learn why, when and how my body burns or stores what I eat. I am intrigued by new science and research that has emerged these past few years. And I am especially motivated as I have implemented some of these new principles for myself and found great success in more effectively managing my weight! 

Knowledge is power and I am energized by the greater understanding we now have of metabolic disorder, insulin resistance, and the essential role that hormones play. I am 62 years old and by implementing what I have learned, in the past 6 months, I have lost 28 pounds that had crept up on me over the last few years. And the best part is that it has been easy! I feel fantastic and I have zero interest in abandoning these new habits. They are awesome!

Now, once you learn and understand the basics and embrace these essential habits for yourself, then join me to learn more it’s time to learn more do more to ensure your long term success. I am beyond thrilled to share with you The Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients 2.0!

Over the coming weeks, I will share a series of articles, videos, links to research, and recommend you follow and learn from a variety of new thought leaders in the field of weight loss and metabolic medicine.  

The exciting things I have learned and implemented have increased my understanding, influenced my daily habits and led to a healthier, happier me. Stay tuned here…

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