10 Ways You Can Keep Bariatric Patients Engaged at Home

Though some restrictions have been lifted, we still live in a world of change, uncertainty and for some, fear. The extra stress of current circumstances may find your patients continuing to struggle to maintain their healthy habits and stay committed to their weight loss goals. As a bariatric coordinator, program director, support group leader, nurse, dietitian, coach, or mental health professional, you see the picture quite clearly but may not know what you could do or what should do about it.

We can help you, help them. For over 20 years BSCI’s contribution to the bariatric community has been helping patients learn and embrace a healthy, lasting bariatric lifestyle; day in and day out. Here are a few of ideas that you can offer to help your patients stay focused, connected and engaged in positive behaviors.

  1. Subscribe them to Bariatric eNews, Articles & Insights
  2. Inspire them by watching “Back to the Beginning Interviews” with successful long-term patients.
  3. Encourage them to join us for our free Telephonic and Online Support Groups.
  4. Help them stay accountable by weighing each week and posting picture of themselves on the scales to your website or Facebook page.
  5. Offer a cooking show with your dietitian, or daily workout with your exercise specialist.
  6. Organize a buddy system to connect new patients to veteran patients for calls, texts, chats, etc.
  7. Connect them to BSCI’s Facebook Bariatric Support Group for helpful posts, insights, & videos.
  8. Gift them a copy of the #1 Bariatric Best Seller The Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients (hard copy or ebook) 
  9. Video broadcast live interviews with your most successful patients
  10. Arrange an online Q & A panel discussion with your bariatric surgeons and staff for those awaiting surgery.

Helpful ideas, we hope. Now what about you?  How are you managing through these difficult times? How are you keeping yourself engaged, moving forward, learning and serving? Now may be a great time for you to invest in opportunities to sharpen your skills, improve your program, support your staff. We can help there too. Visit Bariatric eLearning for some wonderful online resources. 

And for a little personal boost, you may enjoy Colleen’s latest article, “The Time You’ve Been Given – 15 Positive Ways to Spend 15 Days.” Enjoy!

Our best to you, your family, your bariatric program and patients. 

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