A Bit of Oil in My Lamp

Feeling overwhelmed? I can surely relate. Whenever I find myself burdened with too much to do, I ask myself, “Am I overwhelmed or am I under serving? I pause to question if all of my energy is being spent on things that really matter.  I know, this is a common theme for me – It is so easy for me to be distracted by ‘stuff’ that really doesn’t matter. Especially during the holidays!  However, this week, as busy as it is, I spent my time learning and doing.

I chose to participate in a wonderful interactive event, “Journey Through Bethlehem.” Our Star Valley Community extended such a heartfelt effort to honor the Jewish culture and history. I looked forward each day to ‘escape’ my world’s crazy and immerse myself in a time and place of quiet peace.

I have learned and felt so much through this experience.

There were roman soldiers, tax collectors, merchants, women searching for oil, and beggars asking for money.

We ate goat cheese, bread, and olives, learned about a wine press, scroll writing, and played a dreidel game.

I was the mother of the groom in the wedding party. We participated in a wedding celebration outside the Synagogue, with a Rabi speaking the blessing in Hebrew.

Though there was no room at the Inn, we were allowed to go through, past the donkeys, goats and sheep to find one of the most incredible live Nativity scenes I have ever seen. Awesome!

I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity that has enriched my life and helped me refocus on the meaning of this season for us as Christians, and for all who celebrate this time of year.  During your holiday busyness, may you find time to focus on those things that matter most to you. And somewhere in the crazy, find a way to be still and feel peace.

For those of you who may be struggling with hurt, loss, or disappointment; for those of you who may feel alone, fearful, or confused, please know that you are loved by a Father in Heaven. In the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, all wounds will be healed, tears will be dried, direction will be sure, and peace and hope can abide in your life. Learn more



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