Bariatric Regain GONE!

Twenty six years as a weight loss surgery patient and this year as been one like no other!

I have learned some fascinating things, adopted a few new habits and have lost 28 pounds! And I feel fantastic! I can’t wait to share some insights and details.

As you may know, my book, The Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients continues to be the # 1 bariatric best seller, and a must have basic for all weight loss surgery patients. This book is research based, surgeon recommended, and contains essential truths for anyone and everyone embarking on their surgical weight loss journey. If you don’t have one, Get your copy at the link.

I will share here an overview of my upcoming articles & videos designed to help you implement not only the basics but the success habits 2.0 principles.

My decision to have weight loss surgery nearly 26 years ago was one of the best decisions of my life. It provided me with a break in time to get control, engage an effective tool and lose 125 pounds. I am always and forever grateful for that decision and the opportunity I have had to work within the bariatric community all these years.

In 26 years, my weight has fluctuated up and down; I’ve been on track and off and on again. I have continued to read, study, experiment and learn why, when and how my body burns or stores what I eat. I am intrigued by new science and research that has emerged these past few years. And I am especially motivated as I have implemented some of these new principles for myself and found great success in more effectively managing my weight! 

Knowledge is power and I am energized by the greater understanding we now have of metabolic disorder, insulin resistance, and the essential role that hormones play. I am 62 years old and by implementing what I have learned, in the past 6 months, I have lost 28 pounds that had crept up on me over the last few years. And the best part is that it has been easy! I feel fantastic and I have zero interest in abandoning these new habits. They are awesome!

Now, once you learn and understand the basics and embrace these essential habits for yourself, then join me to learn more it’s time to learn more do more to ensure your long term success. I am beyond thrilled to share with you The Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients 2.0!

Over the coming weeks, I will share a series of articles, videos, links to research, and recommend you follow and learn from a variety of new thought leaders in the field of weight loss and metabolic medicine.  

The exciting things I have learned and implemented have increased my understanding, influenced my daily habits and led to a healthier, happier me. Stay tuned here…

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