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Let Go!

And they did! We all did. At a life changing, memorable bariatric conference, we all let go. Each one of us, having done some soul searching and personal reflection, selected one thing that was holding us back, dragging us down,

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For those of you who have had the opportunity to swim in the ocean, you likely can recall what it feels like be managed and controlled by the ocean’s powerful, relentless forces. Standing near the shore, waves crash against you

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Firm Foundations?

Build it: Excited about our new adventure of building our log home. we watched as skilled workmen with heavy equipment carved up the mountainside and excavated our foundation. Then one day, everything, and I mean everything came to a halt!

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Essentials for Lasting WLS Success

Yes, it’s been 27 years since I took control of my weight, improved my health and changed the direction of my life by choosing weight loss surgery. In 1995, many looked down on a surgical option as an intervention for

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Hope, Resilience and 2022

Recently I learned about an interesting experiment that teaches a powerful life lesson. In the early 1950’s a scientist by the name of Dr. Curt Richter, placed rats in a cylinder filled with water to see how long they would

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Embracing Moments That Matter

The pink and purple balloons attached with duct tape were a dead give-away that the young father had made the poster himself. “Welcome to summer vacation with Daddy, baby girl!” As I and hundreds of others got off a long

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No Contest

With a number to choose from, we could not decide which 4th of July firework display would be the best. So, we drove up to an overlook on the mountains above the Salt Lake Valley to watch them all! It

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What  wonderful counsel we were give this week by President Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So much chaos and confusion in our world today. People are fearful, unsettled, worried, stressed, anxious, uneasy, sorrowful, and

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“She meant well.”

Today is my birthday. I am sixty-one. Over half-way home and if my genealogy is any indication, I may live another 30 – 40 years. My mom always says, we are made of stout stuff, and are pioneer tough. I

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Finding Your Peace

Perhaps like me, you wake up each morning wondering if there was an earthquake, or an explosion? If the government is still fighting? If COVID cases are going up or down? Our world is filled with crazy, chaos and confusion.

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