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Scatter Sunshine!

Never could there have been a more perfect surprise than I had this morning. On this cold, dreary, snowy April day, when we are beyond ready for the Spring that just doesn’t seem to come – this happened!    

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A Bit of Oil in My Lamp

Feeling overwhelmed? I can surely relate. Whenever I find myself burdened with too much to do, I ask myself, “Am I overwhelmed or am I under serving? I pause to question if all of my energy is being spent on

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Embracing Family Traditions

In our world full of chaos, confusion and change, few things are as comforting to us as adults and to our children than the consistency of treasured family traditions. When holiday gatherings are filled with children’s comments like, “Oh, I

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Storage Bins

Winter clothes out – summer clothes in. Thanksgiving decorations out – Halloween decorations in. As seasons come and go, I pack and unpack my storage bins. After each holiday I trade out my holiday stuff. I re-sort, organize, and thin

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Let Go!

And they did! We all did. At a life changing, memorable bariatric conference, we all let go. Each one of us, having done some soul searching and personal reflection, selected one thing that was holding us back, dragging us down,

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Clearing The Cobwebs

As bizarre as it may sound, each spring we clean our home with a leaf blower! Yes, the garden tool. At first, I thought my husband Roger was crazy, but he was right. It’s messy, but effective. We live in

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Embracing Moments That Matter

The pink and purple balloons attached with duct tape were a dead give-away that the young father had made the poster himself. “Welcome to summer vacation with Daddy, baby girl!” As I and hundreds of others got off a long

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What  wonderful counsel we were give this week by President Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So much chaos and confusion in our world today. People are fearful, unsettled, worried, stressed, anxious, uneasy, sorrowful, and

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“She meant well.”

Today is my birthday. I am sixty-one. Over half-way home and if my genealogy is any indication, I may live another 30 – 40 years. My mom always says, we are made of stout stuff, and are pioneer tough. I

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Finding Your Peace

Perhaps like me, you wake up each morning wondering if there was an earthquake, or an explosion? If the government is still fighting? If COVID cases are going up or down? Our world is filled with crazy, chaos and confusion.

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