Embracing Family Traditions

In our world full of chaos, confusion and change, few things are as comforting to us as adults and to our children than the consistency of treasured family traditions.

When holiday gatherings are filled with children’s comments like, “Oh, I remember when, “please pass Aunt Melody’s green bean casserole” and, “can we play that one game that we always play?” you know you are doing something right.

May I encourage you that as you plan and prepare for this season’s family events, look for ways to connect your little ones to the significance of and meaning behind some of the foods, the items and activities that are important for them to know and remember.

Perhaps print out a family tree and help kids connect relatives with their treasures or favorite things. Send them on a scavenger hunt to find things around the house then have identify the owner on the family tree. Play a guessing game. “Who knows who made the turkey platter?” Do you remember why we serve parsnips?” or, “Who always wins at Monopoly?”

This season, share experiences that connect and strengthen your family as you strive to create and recall memories that matter. Embrace new and old traditions and help your children do the same.

If you will, I promise that you will find strength in the repetition, comfort in familiarity and peace in knowing that some things never change.

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