What  wonderful counsel we were give this week by President Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So much chaos and confusion in our world today. People are fearful, unsettled, worried, stressed, anxious, uneasy, sorrowful, and ever other burdensome emotion we can endure. I like millions of others are grateful for prophetic insight to encourage us to count our blessings in a very real and meaningful way. 

I am listening and following through with his 2 suggestions. 1. To pray in thanks each day and 2 To post on social media each day, highlighting things I am thankful for with hashtag #givethanks. Take a look, millions have flooded the internet with hopeful, grateful posts helping us all to live in gratitude and to refocus and recommit to a life of joy and thankfulness. 

Here’s a beginning of my list of blessings. 

Day 1 Where do I begin my 7 Days of Gratitude posting? Seems best to begin with my parents, Pat Hansen and Bob May. I came into their lives then they were only 17 years old. I have always felt loved, appreciated and encouraged. I am grateful for the sacrifices they have made to provide me, my sister, and my brother a safe and comfortable home. I am grateful for my mom’s many creative talents and my father’s confidence and sense of humor. #givethanks 


Day 2 Grateful for my brother Shaun and his wife Jeanne.  I love you both and so very thankful your influence in my life. Looking forward to a wonderful time with you next week. I love and miss our sister, Melody Mitchell, who left us way too soon. Thoughts of you warm my heart and make me giggle inside when I think of your fun loving ways and all of our great memories. #givethanks


Day 3 #givethanks This guy! He is the most selfless, hardworking, genuine person I know and I am grateful and honored to be his wife. I am thankful for his tireless efforts to make life better for us and all those around him who can benefit from his extraordinary talents. I am inspired by his quiet strength, faith and unconditional love. Oh and #rocknroll
Day 4 How grateful I am to be mom of these 3 incredible people. Our children, Craig Cook, Chris Cook, and Miranda Goodman are smart, talented, hardworking and above all, they love their family! I am inspired by their individual strengths, and they way they step up to love, care for and support one another. Also giving thanks for having Tyson Goodman, Christy Church & Melissa Hills Cook as part of our family.  


Day #givethanks for these incredible grandkids! I know, people think their grandkids are the best but, hello!!??? They fill my heart with joy, make me laugh, make me smile. These kids are life, hope and all that is right with the world!

Day 6 “For the beauty of the earth, for the beauty of the skies, for the land which from our birth over and around us lies. Lord of all to thee we raise, this our hymn of grateful praise.” #givethanks.  
Day 7: I am grateful for the peace that comes to our world, our homes and our hearts from Jesus Christ. As I learn more about His life, His sacrifice, and His love, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I have felt the calm assurance that His spirit brings even in times of trial, heartache and uncertainty. I know that He lives, loves me and is watching over my family. As our society descends into chaos, I know He is aware of everything that is happening. I am grateful for the clear and calm direction from our church leaders, who provide strength, direction and assurance that He lives and that good will prevail. #givethanks.  





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