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For Healthcare Professionals:

“One Fat Joke at a Time” – Discovering and Eliminating Personal Weight Bias”

This engaging and inspiring presentation invites participants to identify and evaluate their own beliefs and behaviors towards those who struggle with the effects of the disease of obesity. New research data is shared and case studies are featured, providing much needed insight resulting in greater understanding and compassion.

Weight Bias and Obesity Sensitivity for Healthcare Professionals

This session features and open and honest discussion about the need for and value of identifying and addressing weight bias in a hospital setting. Includes insights about the disease of obesity and treatment options as well as ways to increase understanding of and improve sensitivity towards those struggling with the effects of the disease.

Maintaining the Connection – Supportive Aftercare

Learn ways to improve post-operative compliance and outcomes by developing quality aftercare programs. Identify the different needs of pre, post, and long-term bariatric patients and customize events, educational programs & quality support groups to meet those needs. Learn ways to create an emotional connection between your patients and your program that will keep your patients engaged.

Obesity’s Surgical Solution

Bariatric surgery is fast becoming a preferred choice for thousands suffering from the disease of obesity. Colleen Cook, a weight-loss surgery patient from 1995, presents the latest statistics, on the disease of obesity and the outcomes of a variety of surgical treatment options. This presentation is designed for those interested in learning more about weight-loss surgery, how it works, why it works and what life is like as a WLS patient. (Customizable to feature specific doctor/hospital outcomes and patient success stories.)

For Weight Loss Celebrations & Educational Events:

Nothing Succeeds Like Success

Join 20 year WLS veteran Colleen Cook as she shares lessons from long term losers and imparts insight and inspiration from her own journey as well as from thousands of weight loss patients with whom she has worked through the years. Her thoughts, stories and personal experiences will inspire and motivate weight loss patients, investigators and supporters. Attendees will also learn about the Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients research and how and why these principles are essential to long term success to reach and maintain optimum weight loss.

Hope & Help For the Pain of Regain

This presentation is designed specifically for weight loss surgery patients who may be struggling with an extended plateau or weight regain following a bariatric procedure. Includes discussions that provide helpful and hopeful tips and helps participants recognize that they are not alone. Participants will receive inspiration and motivation to make positive changes to reverse their course and head back in the right direction.  Back on Track Program will be offered at a discounted price for participants in this session