Learn what successful weight loss surgery patients know! Colleen Cook’s bariatric best seller is research based and surgeon recommended. You’ll will find structure, clarity and simplicity to help you not only reach but maintain a healthy weight. Over 25,000 copies sold!

The Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients Companion Cookbook is a collection of nearly 200 bariatric friendly recipes that will delight not only the weight watcher but family and guests as well. This companion cookbook has been compiled by Roger Cook, successful weight loss surgery patient from 2001.

Los Habitos de Exito: Pacientes De Cirugia De Los Para La Perdida De Peso es uno de los libros más usados por los cirujanos y pacientes que han sido sometidos a cirugía de pérdida de peso. La cirugía de pérdida de peso provee una herramienta que le servirá para toda su vida a medida de que sea utilizada correctamente.  El entender y seguir los principios de los hábitos para alcanzar el éxito le ayudará a alcanzar su meta del peso ideal y asegurará el mantenimiento a largo plazo de dicha meta.

In this Anthology, you will find uplifting, inspiring and engaging stories from Colleen Cook and a select group of her fellow professional speakers. You may laugh a little, cry a little, find yourself deep in thought, or just simply relax as you read and enjoy insights from some of her favorite people.

Reinforce all that you have learned about the Success Habits of Weight-Loss Surgery Patients with this new 4-Disk Audio CD Book. Join Author, Colleen Cook as she helps you stay focused, on track and motivated. Learn what successful WLS Patients know, and do what they did for your own lasting success. Makes a great gift!

It’s easy to become a goal-setter, but becoming a Goal-Getter is a whole different story. This booklet features insightful information about what it takes to aspire and achieve. Gain perspective, recognize strengths and organize your dreams and goals by identifying what matters most in your life to ensure that your daily actions are consistent with your long-range goals.

Enjoy Colleen’s newest work as a biographer for this extraordinary man. At 107, he lived to be Wyoming’s oldest cowboy. He has stories to tell and wisdom to impart. In this book, Lloyd tells of his fondest family memories, his work accomplishments, his faith and testimony, and of course, his secrets to a long and healthy life.

A must for all weight loss surgery patients! For the budget minded, this package includes some great benefits for new and veteran patients. The Success Habits of Weight loss Surgery Patients book, Success Habits Workbook, Success Habits Tracker, & Customized Weight-loss Progress Chart.