Hope, Resilience and 2022

Recently I learned about an interesting experiment that teaches a powerful life lesson. In the early 1950’s a scientist by the name of Dr. Curt Richter, placed rats in a cylinder filled with water to see how long they would tread water. Most paddled for about 15 minutes, then began to fail. As they saw the rats beginning to succumb, they took them out one by one, dried them off, warmed them up, let them rest for a bit, then put them back in the water. Much to everyone’s surprise, they paddled, and paddled and paddled for an astounding 60 hours! The scientists concluded that because the rats BELIEVED they would be rescued, they pushed themselves way beyond what they thought possible.

This year has been hard. 2020 was hard too, and I have a feeling that life is not going to get any easier in 2022. So many are hurting, so many are suffering unimaginable losses. Its not just COVID, it’s the state of our country and our world, devastating weather, economic challenges, and unprecedented numbers of people who unhappy, unhealthy, scared and confused. We live in a difficult time, and we have survived and yet, I believe there is still much more to come.

I am grateful for the knowledge that I have that “good wins.” That as difficult as our lives might be, there is hope. I am grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, in whom I have found peace, direction and understanding. Belief in Him has given me strength beyond my own, many times. He is the reason I have hope. He is the reason I keep paddling. We can endure anything, believing in the end, we will be rescued.

So bring on 2022. I am committed to look for and strive to be a force for good in this world. To each of you who are struggling, hurting and ready to give in, to those of you who are living in fear and uncertainty of what might come next, please know that regardless of the turmoil swirling around you, you can find peace in Christ. Belief in Him will change everything. ComeUntoChrist #thechosen, #hearhim, #lighttheworld


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One Response to Hope, Resilience and 2022

  1. Michelle Miller says:

    After reading this first thing this morning, I absolutely had to reach out to you to let you know how divinely inspired this message was for me and my family. Thank you!!!

    Friday night/Saturday morning about 1:53 a.m. My 72-year old mother and 77-year old father woke me with a phone call that their house had been hit by a tornado. The bed they were in was covered with glass from windows blowing out, a 16-feet hole was in the roof and wall in the family room and rain was pouring in like a waterfall. My dad had only a small scratch on his arm, and despite walking barefoot through the debris and broken glass, God’s protection and mercy surrounded them, not even a scratch on their feet.

    By daybreak the volunteers were in their neighborhood in droves. They put tarps over the holes and were helping people with whatever they could. At one point in the afternoon I saw absolutely no one, but yelled we need help from the porch and instantaneously two young ladies APPEARED, from out of nowhere it seemed, and carried out a box springs and mattress for us.

    My aunt lost her mother about 6-7 years ago and her furnished house has sat empty all that time, and it was offered to my parents until theirs is repaired, however long it takes. We all acknowledge that God is in the midst of ALL these circumstances and we are thankful and Praising Him for it all.

    Today I’m going to the library and print this to place on the refrigerator at both our places to remind my parents and myself that Peace through Jesus, the Prince of Peace, is available before, during and after the storms!!!

    Colleen, please know how very grateful I am that you welcomed sweet Jesus into your heart and was a beautiful instrument for him today!!!

    Michele Miller

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