No Contest

With a number to choose from, we could not decide which 4th of July firework display would be the best. So, we drove up to an overlook on the mountains above the Salt Lake Valley to watch them all! It was exciting as we watched fireworks light up the sky from north to south. We’d look to the right then the left, then right in front of us. Then suddenly, our attention was drawn beyond the valley to the Oquirrh Mountains where a thunderstorm was beginning. Multiple lightning strikes in a row illuminated the skies like no other. Roger said, “Seems like the firework displays are competing, but when God participates there is no contest.” How true.

And there are so many examples of man-made things that pale in comparison to God’s creations. Just consider magnificence of man. There is no computer that can compete with the human brain, no high tech camera as effective as our eyes, nor sound system to compare to the functionality of our ears, just to name a few. Think of it; our bodies are designed to repair themselves – broken bones mend, scars heal. And we have built in back up organs; two eyes, ears, kidneys, legs, hands; well, you get the idea. Remarkable! If this intrigues you, you may enjoy this article The Magnificence of Man, by Russel M. Nelson

A few weeks ago, as I traveled through Star Valley (Wyoming) early one frosty morning I was in awe. All the Christmas lights in the world cannot compare with the simple beauty of the frost sparkling, glittering, and glistening in the trees as the sun comes up. I am grateful for that moment to refocus my attention on the wonders of this world and the beauties of this earth.

Did you know that this year, on December 21st, the exact date of the winter solstice, the planets Saturn and Jupiter will pass by one another so closely, as to create a brilliant bright star in the sky? Yes, this crazy 2020 year will end with a Christmas Star! There will be nothing on this earth that will compare.

Won’t that be magical?? And what a wonderful manifestation of hope and joy.

As we live in and among the chaos and confusion of our world, may we feel the calm assurance that our Father in Heaven lives, He loves us, and He knows all that is happening around us, and He has a plan. Though it may not seem like it sometimes, I know that good wins.

At this season and always may we will find the peace we are seeking, by aligning ourselves with Him. As we look around and see His love and miracles surrounding us in every detail, we find joy for ourselves and in turn can #LightTheWorld.

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