The #1 Thing I Learned to Lose 28 Pounds

If you are ready to fix your broken metabolism, teach your body to burn fat, increase your energy and lose those stubborn pounds read on! Here I will share with you the #1 lesson I have learned about controlling the way my body burns energy.

Old thinking about how to treat the disease of obesity has simply not worked! The counsel to eat less exercise more, and that a calorie is a calorie and fat is bad has proven, in this day and age to completely miss the mark. Weight management is not about controlling calories – it’s about controlling INSULIN!  

And now I get it – I’ve spent months learning, experimenting and wow! Now I know what to do, I am in control, and my body has relearned how to burn fat – not just food! Below you will find a list of some of the people I recommend you follow and learn from. You’ll find scientific research, links to YouTube Channels, articles, and books. I invite you to learn more from these thought leaders in metabolic medicine and weight loss. But first, here are a few highlights from what I have recently learned

  1. Insulin is a hormone its job is to store energy. Whenever we eat – anything – whether it be a carrot or a cookie – insulin goes Some foods of course, cause insulin levels to rise more than other foods, but eating at all activates insulin. And remember insulin’s job is take the nutrients from the food we have eaten and store them in our cells. When that job is done – insulin production stops. Think for a minute what happens if you eat all day? Even small meals, or a quick snack now and then? Eating at all keeps your insulin levels up and energy being stored.
  2. When we stop eating for 6 – 12 hours insulin levels decrease – something awesome happens. Once the body is out of the stored glucose from what we have eaten, (glycogen) – the body triggers another hormone called glucagon Glucagon’s job is the exact opposite of insulin; Insulin stores – Glucagon burns. When insulin is up glucagon is down – when insulin falls glucagon goes to work.
  3. After 12 – 24 hours of not eating – Even more miraculous things happen in our bodies. Glucagon directs the liver to produce ketones which allows fat stores to be burned for energy. Inflammation and oxidative stress throughout the body decrease and something called Autophagy begins. Autophagy is our body’s way of cleaning up and removing old cells & debris.

As I have learned and come to understand for myself that for me “it’s all about insulin” I have found several different ways to control my insulin levels – allowing my body to work properly. I have lost 28 pounds and feel awesome!  I have experimented with several new habits that I will share with you in my upcoming videos. Stay tuned for more on my low carb and keto dieting experiences, how I have learned to track not calories but macronutrient, how I test and monitor my blood glucose, and the power I have found in Intermittent Fasting.

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