Let Go!

And they did! We all did. At a life changing, memorable bariatric conference, we all let go. Each one of us, having done some soul searching and personal reflection, selected one thing that was holding us back, dragging us down, weighing on our minds, and burdening our hearts. One thing, taking up space that we could, in that moment, deliberately and permanently let go.

And like the balloons we launched into the autumn night’s sky, old burdens were lifted, the worry and the guilt, were gone. We had freed up space for joy, for something new. New thinking, new memories, new relationships, and new opportunities.

What a powerful, significant action – letting go.

Like the last leaf clinging to a frozen branch, we hold on. For some reason, we keep memories of hurtful situations, we keep stuff, we keep old habits that no longer serve us well, we keep old thinking. Don’t know why we do, but I do know that every so often it is essential for our well-being to take an honest look at our beliefs, our behaviors, and our belongings. To deliberately clear our minds and do whatever it takes to let go of self-destructive thoughts, habits and ‘stuff.’

So may I challenge you to identify something in your life that you can let go of. Today. Perhaps you may want to de-junk a particular room or space in your home. Perhaps a cherished relationship needs mending, or perhaps you recognize that old thinking needs to be replaced with newer, truer understanding.

This Fall, notice how the beautiful, strong, and vibrant trees let go of their leaves, one by one, knowing for a surety, that new ones will grow, and all will be well. May the falling leaves prompt you, inspire and encourage you to do the same; to let go.

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